Rainbow Superfood Sandwich w/ Turmeric Chickpea Smash

Hannah Mellsop

Sandwiches larger than my head are the only type of sandwiches I eat. 

This bad boy is filled to the brim with avocado, beetroot, carrot, greens and mashed chickpea & turmeric goodness.

Filling, nourishing and delicious. My three main pre-requisites for any good lunch on-the-go. 

I am sure that you have heard the hype around Turmeric as of late. Well, they ain't wrong! This spice is one of the most powerful natural anti-inflammatories around! Not only that, but it is a leader in the anti-oxidant realm and has been proven to protect you from alzheimers and heart disease. I try to include turmeric into my diet daily and this chickpea smash is my quick & easy go-to! It takes a matter of minutes to prepare and is full of flavour and texture. The perfect sandwich filler!

Lets get to it.



Turmeric Chickpea Smash


1 can chickpeas 
1 Tbsp Turmeric
1 tsp crushed Garlic
1 tsp Tahini 
1 tsp Olive oil
Salt & Pepper to taste


Drain and rinse your chickpeas.

Simply add all ingredients to a bowl and smash with a fork or potato masher. I like to leave my mash a little lumpy for added texture.



Red onion 
Wholegrain Sourdough bread
Rocket & Micro Herbs (Liberty Growers)
Vegan pesto (Liberty Growers)


Its a sandwich, i'm sure you know the drill. I'll go over the basics just in case.

I used a spiralizer for my carrot and beetroot in order to make the sandwich easy to assemble and eat! However, a grater would work well here too.

Add all your favourite colour-filled vegetables to the sandwich and make sure to put a decent smear of turmeric - chickpea smash in the middle. 



Give it a go and don't forget to tag me in any of your recreations @realradfood.
Much Love - See you next Wednesday!
Hannah x

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