Jaffa Rad Ball

Jaffa Rad Ball

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With every bite into our Jaffa inspired Rad Ball you will be hit with flavour, crunch & a heavenly texture. We have not only used pure orange essence to flavour this Rad Ball but a generous serving of Solomons Gold orange kibble in order to elevate the texture to new heights! 

Ingredients; Almond meal, coconut, orange kibble, cacao, coconut cream, coconut sugar, goji berry, cacao butter, coconut oil, rice malt syrup, orange essence, Himalayan salt, vanilla bean. 

Our Rad Balls last 6 months in the freezer and a week in the fridge. 

Allergen notice; 
Real Rad Food is always plant based, gluten free, refined sugar free, dairy free & soy free. However, we do use tree nuts in the majority of our products & peanuts in a few. Please refer to the ingredients below. While we take the utmost care with each and every product we make, there is the chance of cross contamination within our products. If you have a severe nut allergy, we would advise you not to order from us. 

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