Berry Oozy Slice

Berry Oozy Slice

Get ready for a wickedly delightful Halloween treat that we've prepared just for you! Our Berry Oozy Slice is the ultimate concoction for your hauntingly sweet celebrations. With layers of rich, chocolatey goodness and a sinister raspberry jam, this slice is the ultimate Halloween-inspired treat!

You will need

Base: ⁠Raspberry Brownie Rad Ball Mix⁠1/4 cup Coconut Cream⁠Raspberry Jam:⁠2 cups frozen raspberries⁠3 tbsp Chia seeds⁠1 tbsp maple syrup⁠Top layer:⁠100g of dark choc⁠2tbsp coconut oil⁠


To Make

  1. Make Rad Ball Mix according to packet instructions and press into slice tin.
  2. Combine jam ingredients and let sit until a thick consistency and spread over Rad Ball base.
  3. Melt dark choc with coconut oil and pour over jam.
  4. Let set overnight and then enjoy 🤤⁠

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