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Real Rad Food

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Our Journey

Real Rad Food started with a real rad human.

Hannah - owner & founder, former chief ball roller and current CEO - began making healthy treats as a creative outlet, each dessert more drool-worthy than the last. A passionate plant-based creative, she began sharing these treats to instagram as a way to meet more like-minded people.

The more Hannah shared, the more she realised she was becoming part of a greater movement; a movement towards real food and conscious consumption. These two values became the foundation for Real Rad Food, which Hannah made an official brand in 2017. Cheers to that!

Since then Real Rad Food has grown from just Hannah selling her creations at local markets, to a team of 5 that provide for over 80 cafes and grocers around New Zealand, and an online store that delivers to the doors of Kiwis everyday. 

Even further than that Real Rad Food has become a brand that makes it easier for the every day gal to take a moment to look after their body, through the introduction of Real Rad Protein Hormonal Support. Much like the raw treats this product was born from Hannah’s own experience with learning how to nutritionally support hormonal balance and look after her health despite a busy lifestyle.

It has been an exciting, ball rolling, protein tasting journey so far and we can’t wait to see what happens next. Wherever the future takes us, we know it will be real rad.