Our story

The Vision 

Real Rad Food specialises in the private order of Raw Balls, Celebration Cakes & Raw Slices. We also provide nationwide wholesale distribution to cafes & grocers - contact us to hear more about this service here.

We are Raw, Vegan, Refined Sugar Free, Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Delicious. We are passionate about creating plant based foods that not only look and taste amazing, but are amazing for you.

We are concerned by the negative impacts that sugar & dairy have on our bodies & created our products to meet the demand for healthy and guilt-free deserts. 
The removal of the nasties allows the consumer to focus fully on all of their senses - from their sight, to the textures they feel and the tastes they are experiencing.

Real Rad Food is providing so much more than a healthy piece of cake. It is an experience; a shift in the 'guilt based' mindset we often feel when it comes to desert. It is Real Rad Food & its changing the game. 


The Journey 

By Hannah Mellsop

Where it began 

Over the past three years, I have had a huge passion for producing incredible looking and tasting raw deserts. This has been displayed through my Instagram account, @realradfood.


I used social media as a creative outlet to share my raw desert creations. It not only set the foundation for my business but also gave me a platform to connect with a community. This community has given me inspiration, guidance and shaped a path for my business. It allows me to meet like-minded individuals who wish to be a part of a greater movement towards real food and conscious consumption; both of which are key principles for RRF.

My journey with social media has given me determination to explore, create and push the boundaries more everyday. It has not only provided Real Rad Food huge exposure and marketing power, but has fuelled my creativity in an industry that demands it.


After a few years of producing content on social media as a hobby, I realised that I had been working towards something more. Something with a greater purpose and opportunity. In mid 2016, I established the brand, Real Rad Food. 

I went from making a few cakes a week, to now pursuing Real Rad Food as my full-time gig. We have nationwide distribution and send our products to some of the best cafes across the Country. This stockist list grows more every week. We send out hundreds of Raw Balls & have a growing subscriber list to this service. My dream has turned into my reality and I am so excited to see what the future holds. 

Where now

You can now find us in a number of cafes and grocers throughout the country.

We also attend  The Little Big Markets every second Saturday.

We distribute our Cakes, Slices & Raw Balls nationwide and cater to all events, big or small. Shop here, or Contact us to get in touch about getting some Real Rad Food at your next event.