Our story

What we do...

As you may have guessed from our name, we make real food that tastes super rad. To us this means making plant-based desserts and treats, that not only look and taste amazing but make you feel amazing too. We want to remove that "guilt" that comes with treating yourself, by removing the nasties that traditionally come with desserts. You can bet your will tastebuds love our version of treats and your insides will too.

Real Rad Food is raw, vegan, refined sugar free, gluten free, dairy free, and most importantly downright delicious. We specialise in Raw BallsCelebration Cakes and Slices - all of which can now be delivered nationwide, hallelujah! 

Find your nearest Real Rad Food stockist on this growing list, or come and visit us at our next market. We'd love to see you and know your tastebuds would love to see us!


Our Journey  

Real Rad Food started with a real rad human.

Hannah - owner, chief ball roller and founder - began making raw treats as a creative outlet, each dessert more drool-worthy than the last. A passionate plant-based creative, she began sharing these treats to instagram as a way to meet more like-minded people.

The more Hannah shared, the more she realised she was becoming part of a greater movement; a movement towards real food and conscious consumption. These two values became the foundation for Real Rad Food, which Hannah made an official brand in 2016. Cheers to that!

Since then Real Rad Food has grown from just Hannah selling her creations at local markets, to a team that provide for over 40 cafes and grocers around New Zealand, and a monthly subscription raw ball service - something many happy tummies will know. 

It has been an exciting, ball rolling, treat sharing journey so far. Wherever the future takes us next we know it will be real rad.