Tiramisu Overnight Oats

Tiramisu Overnight Oats

Sometimes you just need a little extra get-up & go in your morning routine & this breakfast option will provide just that. With a double whammy energy boost from Allpress Coffee Shots & the Maca in Rad Protein, you're setting yourself up to win the day!

1/3 cup baby rolled oats
1 tsp chia seed
2/3 cup oat milk
1 tsp sweetener of choice (we used coconut sugar)

Coffee infused yoghurt whip
4 tbsp yoghurt
15 g Caramel cookie Rad Protein 
1 shot (25ml) Allpress Coffee Shots 

Top with cinnamon & a little extra coconut sugar for sweetness.
Simply combine all of the Oats ingredients into a glass jar & stir to combine. Set aside. 
In another dish, proceed to add all of your ingredients for the whip & stir with a whisk or fork until lump free!
Layer the yoghurt whip on top of the oats & sprinkle with cinnamon & coconut sugar. Set overnight. 

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