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Raspberry Brownie

This Rad Ball combines the two greatest flavours known to (wo)man - Raspberry and chocolate. Mmm-mmm. It’s just like your favourite baked treat but a healthier, easier to whip up version.

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Cookies and Cream

A crowd favourite, Cookies & Cream Rad Ball Mix is even better than it sounds. Each bite brings to mind the cookie dough you used to steal from the bowl as a kid, minus the sugar rush and scolding from mum!

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Mint Choc Chip

Mint Choc Chip is the classic after dinner treat - but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them any other time. We also love them for after breakfast, after lunch, after dessert…It’s a flavour that works for any time your sweet cravings hit.

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Proudly Flavoured With

Solomons Gold Chocolate

These plant-based mixes are date-free, refined-sugar free, dairy-free, gluten-free…all of the things you want in a healthier treat. This makes them perfect for sharing because anyone can have them.

No blenders are required with Rad Ball Mixes! We’ve done that specially so that you can enjoy them with no fuss. All you need is some coconut cream, a bowl and a spoon. Simply pour, mix and roll.

The three Rad Mix flavours (Mint Choc Chip, Cookies & Cream, Raspberry Brownie) are exclusive to this DIY range. It’s the only way you can get to taste these Real Rad crowd favourites.

Real Rad Mixes


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